Corporate Solutions

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Specialized blended programmes via teleconference

AXON offers specialized blended learning solutions for businesses who want their employees to learn English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

As every individual is unique we can develop a programme that best fits your needs.

Lessons can be delivered:

  • At your offices
  • Via teleconference or virtual classes
  • At an AXON center
  • Through e-learning
  • A combination of the above

Your employees can start their training whenever it best fits your schedule, when you are ready, whenever it is more convenient to you.

Since training your employees is a serious investment, you should have the ability to check your return on investment. That is why every month we provide you with a report that shows each employee’s progress and performance. We assure you that our constant guidance and support to your employees will bring you the expected results.

Programmes we offer to companies...

All the programmes we offer aim to enhance your employees’ abilities and skills. Therefore every programme is adapted to your needs and goals.

Checking your employees’ progress...

We provide you with a unique password which provides you with access to our AXON Power Learn administration platform. There you can check each employee’s progress, attendance and performance.

Placement test...

In order to determine the programme that best fits your needs, we check your employees’ current level of knowledge, based on an placement test, free of cost.

Groups of employees of same level and company...

As mixed ability groups are less effective, our groups consist of employees of same level and of the same company, in order to ensure the education is adapted to their exact needs and is neither too advanced nor too slow.

Finding the appropriate programme for your employees...

With our placement test, which examines grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading, we can understand each employee’s educational needs and we work with you to set the goal for each participant and establish the right course programme.