Axon Global, through its subsidiaries, has the exclusive right to market and use the English language educational material published by Power Education & Publications (books & e-learning) globally.

Axon Global is happy to announce the completion of material for General English, for the adults’ Upper Intermediate level (3 parts; A,B,C) consisting of books and the online programme Power Learn.

Moreover, conversation material for the adults’ Pre-Intermediate (parts A,B,C) and Intermediate (parts A,B,C) levels is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 in both British English and American English versions. The first levels will be available for use from September 2013.

The material for General English, for the adults’ Elementary and Pre Intermediate levels, now only in the British English version, will also be converted into an American English version.

The addition of material for more levels and specific purposes (e.g. conversation), and material in an American English version should result in an increase in the number of students globally, with potential impact to the Company’s bottom line and it will be a big step for entering the US Market as well as other markets where there is a great demand for American English education.

16 July 2013