School Solution

Your ideal and most innovative partner

AXON Power Learn is a complete educational system and the ideal management tool for schools.

Our AXON Power Learn platform allows continuous monitoring and evaluation of student and teacher results, performance and progress.

And with the continuous support and training we offer you, you can be sure that Axon Power Learn is the ideal business and educational solution for your school.

• online teacher training seminars
• online teacher evaluation
• online student progress evaluation
• school area for monitoring of test results, teacher performance and student statistics
• teachers’ books, guidelines and course plan
• immediate adaptation to the existing school programme
• educational components that are both autonomous and complementary. Thus, schools can offer a wide range of solutions increasing the school’s profitability.
• minimum requirements regarding the school facilities
• evaluation tools for educational and administrative services, including teacher and student performance
• teacher training seminars
• user-friendly materials
• teaching components that complement one another
• clear goals achievable through the use of course plans
• teacher training seminars
• bended learning methodology for a complete learning experience
• fully adaptable to each student’s needs and timetable
• opportunity to work at one’s own pace and see exercise results immediately
• self-reliance and greater self-confidence
• consolidation of the material taught in class
• in-depth revision of vocabulary, grammar, etc.
• online interactive course book and companion