33 Pentelis Str. 2rd floor, off. 202,
2013, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel. +357 22 518976


The Members of the Company are called to participate to an Extraordinary General Meeting that will take place on Friday 20th April 2012 at the registered office of the Company at 33 Pentelis street, 2nd floor, office 202 in Nicosia at 18:00 for the Approval of the following resolutions:

1st Resolution: Issuance of 100,000 shares of the Company for the offer and sale of those shares at a price of €1.20 cents each share for the period between 20/04/2012 until 20/05/2012 and such future issues in excess of Euro 1.20 for a further 500,000 shares until 20 April 2013.

2nd Resolution: Approval for the expansion of the Company in Balkan countries and elsewhere in the world either with the business method of Master Franchise or by the purchase of part or all of existing language centres using shares of the Company not exceeding 2,500,000 Ordinary shares in aggregate prior to 20 April 2013.

Please note that the present notice is sent electronically to all the Members of the Company and the Members have the right to vote electronically by sending email to the email address of the Company to information@axon-

The present notice will be available at the website of the Company at

During the voting procedure, the Members are entitled to appoint proxy. The appointment of the proxy can be sent electronically.

The present notice is made in accordance with articles 125, 126A, 127,127, 127B of Cyprus Companies Act, Cap.113.

Nicosia, 4th April 2012

From the Board of Directors